Teacher Candidate, UBC B.Ed. 2018, IB – DP English

Hello and welcome. You have found your way to my virtual home, a modest little dwelling in a side street some distance from the hustling bustle of the information super highway.

I have an M.A. in English and six years of experience as a teacher of students aged 11-18 at a private after-school academy in Vancouver. You can find more information about my education and experience here. I am currently completing a B.Ed. in Secondary Education at the University of British Columbia. My teachable subject is English, and I am in the International Baccalaureate – Diploma Programme Cohort. I have previously used this site as a way to track teaching strategies and resources, while completing the Train the Trainer Certificate in post-secondary teaching. Those posts are still floating around here. I hope to add to them as the year progresses, as time allows, and as my career develops.

For now, the main focus of the blog is the Inquiry Project, a self-guided process of questioning, research, and reflection that will continue throughout the year’s coursework and practicums, and will explore a topic in education that is of personal and intellectual interest to me. This topic will engage with mindfulness in education in some way, and is likely to evolve with my research and experience. You can view the development of my thinking on this topic here.